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Knox McLean Self Wealth Management

We are a dedicated team that is passionate about understanding what is most important to clients and partnering with them to design and implement a financial plan. Through a comprehensive planning approach, we help clients achieve their goals, preserve and protect their wealth and leave a legacy.

Knox McLean Self Wealth Management came to life from a conversation David and Matt had while on a Knox family vacation. The Knox family has been in the financial planning business for 3 generations. Both of David’s grandfathers (Ronald F Knox and James Kitchen) worked for Northwestern Mutual. In addition, David’s father Ronald F Knox, Jr, spent 45 years in the financial planning industry. As we considered the future, we decided it was time to expand and strengthen as a team to continue to work with our clients in the future. Each member of our team has specific strengths. We use those collective strengths and focus with one goal in mind – to help our clients reach their goals.

The best part of what we do is the relationships that we develop. We get to see and share in the joys our clients experience when children get married, grandchildren are born, kids and grandkids graduate college and they step confidently into retirement. As a result, we have been fortunate to work and see families through generations and experience along side of them the importance of proactive ongoing planning to navigate changing economic cycles to help achieve financial success.

Family Legacy, The Power of Long-Term Planning

Barbara Tidwell just built a new house and plans to leave quite a legacy to her family. Here’s how permanent life insurance helped her pass on a family legacy, without worrying about money. Watch the video above or read the full article here.